Betting live, while the event is underway, is the most rewarding thing for a punter. You have to predict the progress of the game, analyze all aspects, be quick and decisive.

Live Betting: the best strategies

Live bets are real-time bets that can be made as long as the subject of the bet, for example a football match, is in progress. The bookmakers that allow you to bet live, usually offer an interactive platform that allows you to follow the evolution of the match, updates on the odds and chat with other users.

The operation is relatively simple: the bookmaker offers a window in which all the odds, related to the match, available at the moment will appear. For example, as regards football, it is not only possible to bet on the final outcome of a game, but also on the number of goals scored, on the names of the scorers, on the next team that will score, on the corner kicks, any expulsions or warnings, and much more ..

Live odds are temporarily suspended only during important events, such as a goal, a penalty or an expulsion in the case of football.

In general, bookmakers also allow viewing of the events for which they accept live games directly via the Internet. However, these events are proposed with a few seconds of delay (often also happens for analog and satellite TV broadcasts) so it is practically impossible to try to get a share when a team scores, a player is sent off, etc.

If being smart is so complicated, you can certainly organize yourself and with a bit of discipline, clearly referring to merely statistical data, you can get important winnings. When we talk about winnings, we are not referring to a single successful game (a stroke of luck can reward anyone, even an amateur bettor) but to a strategy that, in the long run, brings positive results.

First of all, however, it is necessary to analyze the platforms that offer live betting. We can safely divide into 2 groups:

  • traditional bookmakers who offer odds themselves based on the progress of the game
  • the betting exchange platforms where the odds change according to the supply / demand mechanism and also allow you to be a counter

For intermediate users it is advisable to bet on traditional bookmakers; for expert users, however, it is almost a must to move towards betting exchanges. This distinction is due to the fact that without adequate experience and appropriate knowledge of the subject, it is very easy to lose money on betting exchange sites.

As for bookmakers, we report excellent odds and entry bonuses for live bets on Bwin.

Let’s move on to the tips, listing them by type of bets generally offered by the bookies and analyzing the possible scenarios that sometimes occur during live events.

– Final outcome 1X2

It often happens that the favorite team of the game takes goals or goes at a disadvantage. In such cases, a low altitude, for example 1.30, can go up to and beyond 2.00. Watching the game you can briefly do two calculations … how many minutes are there? How occasional was the goal conceded and how many comeback opportunities are there? Obviously if the team at a disadvantage has conceded a goal because it is playing poorly and does not seem equipped to overturn the result, even a high altitude is not a good one. Otherwise it can be profitable to take advantage immediately, or after a few minutes (statistically it is more difficult to have two signatures in a few minutes), of the odds proposed by the bookmakers.

Odds often have sizable swings over the course of a game. It is possible in certain situations, playing a bit on the odds, an accurate single bet of the day or a safe win regardless of the final result. A team at a disadvantage of 2 goals, for example, may have an odds greater than 10. If you bet on this odds, a possible goal by the team at a disadvantage (or even a draw in a few minutes) would ensure us a sure bet: the odds which before was over 10, surely it will be lower and banking this share at a lower level creates a ‘surplus’, a safe gain whatever the final result (of course the banking operation implies that you are betting on the betting exchange platform as , for example, Betfair). Statistics and knowledge, as always, however, help us.

Finding out about a team’s comeback skills, results in hand, is essential. All this, however, must be done before the start of the game: once the match has started, it is impossible to keep an eye on the odds on the PC, the images on TV and at the same time look for information about the previous results.

A separate discussion deserves the topic of placed kicks. When there is a corner kick or a free kick in the offensive zone, the share of the team that beats the placed kick always goes down quite a bit. But how many kicks placed really turn into goals? And above all, how many teams have a good average goal on the placed kicks, or have good headers or infallible punishment players? For example, to bank an average of 20 times on a team that is about to beat a placed kick (before a score occurs, not necessarily on a placed kick) and then, at an escaped danger, aim for a higher share, thus obtaining a surebet can be a profitable strategy if used with intelligence and discipline. Certainly, an attentive punter would not beat Barcelona if Messi is on the edge of the area to beat a free kick or if Real Madrid is preparing to beat a corner with Sergio Ramos and Benzema to jump into the penalty area!

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