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Everyone wins at sports betting!

Face the reality. When bettors are asked if they win or lose at sports betting, most of them will say they are winners or at least they do not lose money. But the reality is that 95% of bettors lose money in the long run. So why such a difference?

Simply because people do not like to admit that they are losing money, that their choices are bad and that these choices lead to financial losses. And this is even more difficult to admit in front of the entourage because it gives a bad image of oneself. People are proud and have some ego including me and it’s always hard to admit that money is being lost in one area, especially sports betting.

So why do I say that?

Simply because I think that sports betting can be quite dangerous for those people who have trouble admitting that they lose money.

On the contrary, I think that in this area it is important, if you see that you are losing money and that you are honest with yourself, to take a time, to ask yourself and to question yourself. “What is my methodology? How do I do ? How do I play sports betting? ”

If you do your analysis in your area and you play like that, chances are you’ll lose in the long run. Now it’s not necessarily a problem. Indeed, you can do this very well for your pleasure and not necessarily to earn money in the long run. You can do this just for fun as you would go to the slot machine casino. We know very well that it’s the casino that wins at the end and you know it, but you’re going to play anyway because it’s fun. In this case no problem.

The ambition to become a winner

Now if your goal is to actually make money, I think it’s important to ask yourself and say, “Is my methodology good? “.

In reality there are only two methodologies to win at sports betting. The first is to make your own predictions. In this case you have to be sure of winning in the long run. To find out you need to make several hundred bets which will help you determine your return on investment. From there we will know if we make money in the long run. Before you know it, I strongly advise against making real money bets. We first test his skills.

The second possibility to win at sports betting is to follow tipsters. Tipsters are people who have very good knowledge of a particular sport and who are going to sell their predictions. By playing these predictions, we will make money in the long run.

These are the two methodologies that work. If yours does not work today I advise you to question yourself and turn to one of these two methods. If you want to continue to make your predictions it’s quite possible but make sure to be a winner in the long run.

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