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How to bet on tennis

Invented in England in the second half of the 19th century, tennis is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports at the global level today, and also one of the most attractive individual sports disciplines for betting. Players like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic have become global sport icons and have boosted the popularity of tennis to levels never reached before.

It can be said that tennis is, followed by golf, the individual sport with the greatest pull, and also allows the fan to follow and bet on specific players instead of doing it to a team as a whole, such as basketball or football . In recent years, professional tennis has incorporated some very interesting advances to the game, such as electronic review technology known as hawk eye, which have only increased the popularity of sport among fans.

Tennis tournaments and matches

Most sports fans in general will have heard about the Big Four in the world of tennis that are held every year, which is known as Grand Slam and is composed of:

Australian Open: played in Melbourne in January, on hard surface.
Roland Garros: played in Paris between May and June, on clay.
Wimbledon: it is played in London between June and July, on grass.
US Open: played in New York between August and September, on hard surface.

Any good tennis fan would not miss these tournaments under any circumstances, since they meet annually the creme de la creme of the world of tennis, the best players in both male and female categories. The next level of the men’s professional circuit – called the ATP circuit – is made up of the 9 Masters 1000, followed by the ATP 500 (13), and after them are the 39 ATP 250 tournaments.

For its part, in the women’s category – WTA circuit – the second step is made up of the 21 WTA Premier tournaments, and after them the 32 WTA International. In both circuits there are also tournaments that close the tennis course and bring together the best of the year: ATP Finals and WTA Finals. Likewise, both in the male and female categories, the second division of the professional circuits are the Challenger Tours, and they nourish players at the first level.

Although as the tournament level drops, more players above the top-100 will take part, it is still possible to find quality tennis and valuable odds in second level tournaments, and even follow matches through live streaming to through some betting websites. Nor can we pass without mentioning the prestige and follow-up that tennis has in the Olympics, and other tournaments that complement the annual structure of both circuits, those organized by the International Tennis Federation: Davis Cup, Federation Cup and Hopman Cup.

Davis is a team competition in which players represent their country, while the Federation Cup is an identical competition but in the women’s category. For its part, Hopman is a mixed competition that is also disputed by teams – each of which representing a country.

How to bet on tennis: preparation

In a way, betting on tennis can be easier than doing team sports. Although there are always several factors to consider, they are less than those that must be taken into account when making bets, for example, in football – where there may be suspensions, arbitration errors, expulsions, injuries of key players … that make betting something more complex.

Here are some aspects we always consider before making a tennis bet:

Is the game played on clay – the slowest surface – grass – the fastest – or hard court (intermediate speed)?
What is the favorite surface of this or that player?
When two players face, how is the previous face-to-face between them ?, and on the concrete surface on which they will play?
Are any of the players left handed? Nadal is!
What are the weather conditions on game day?
Did any of the contestants just leave an injury or arrive at the game with any physical discomfort?

All these factors come into play because in tennis, unlike collective sports, the player cannot rely on his team or teammates to get a game through; but the environmental factors, and especially the surface on which it is played, can have a great impact on a game or tennis competition.

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