It is very important to know some important facts before betting on basketball.

First of all, it is always strongly advised to play on the winner of the game and not the end result. Let’s take an example: you are betting on the victory of the Boston Celtics against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA. If you play Boston Celtics as a result of the game, you lose if both teams go into overtime. Even if they win at the end of it.

On the contrary, by betting on the winner of the game, a win in overtime allows you to generate profits. While the odds often remain lower, it also allows for less risk.

Finally, the stake of the meeting remains an essential factor, as in all sports. It is important to note the classification of the two teams and the repercussions that the meeting in question could have. Another thing: to bet on the NBA, you have to pay attention to the schedule of each team. Some stables make several consecutive trips. These teams may not arrive in a better form than their opponent’s.

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