We list what are in our opinion the most common mistakes to avoid when betting on sporting events, errors that often make the bettors lose a lot of money and that contrast with the basic spirit of betting: fun and entertainment.

1. The bet of despair

It is one of the worst behaviors in approaching the betting world. Betting to win the money to pay the rent, the school to their children or return from previous losses is the worst you can do. An intelligent bettor knows a priori how much he can afford to lose, when to stop and not let himself go into oblivion

2. The stroke of life

If you routinely bet on the shot that will change your life, then you’re in the wrong business. Slowly debunking your bank-roll in an attempt to get a huge payout is a wrong strategy. Much better to wager with judgment, increase the budget or otherwise buffer the losses, and sporadically seek the blow of the KO to bookmakers (perhaps investing part of some profit obtained previously).

3. Doubling

You have won a sum and think of replaying it to double the profit or you have lost a lot of money and play double to get back from losses. None of these two options is a good idea. If you want to play doubling, you must never invest more than 10% of your bank-roll, to prevent a wrong shot from leaving you completely broke. If instead you have suffered a loss, better reflect on it and try to come back with clever strategies: when you get to the point of thinking “or it goes or breaks” means that you have lost the necessary clarity to bet intelligently. A habitual strategy based on doubling is, however, discouraged in any case.

4. Special bets and “extravagant” odds

The special bets are valid for bookmakers as the “side bet” (ie the games to accompany the online casinos used to commit the time) are valid for the casinos. To be clear, betting on special events (such as “Messi will succeed in scoring a hat-trick” or “Who between Wade-James-Nowitzky-Terry will score the most 3 shots in Miami-Dallas”) is very funny but to base his strategy game on this type of offer is wrong. The odds offered by bookmakers for these events, in fact, are far below the real possibility that the event will occur because, due to the lack of competition on these types of games, bookmakers tend to lower the odds a bit. So it is better to concentrate on single bets and typical markets (1X2, Under / Over, etc …) than to go on special bets, various ante-posts or parlay bets.

5. Betting based on last week’s success

Did you win 80% of your bets a few days ago? You decide to bet everything because you think you understand the secrets of the betting? Nothing more wrong! Wins and losses, in general, alternate in the life of a bettor and having won last week gives no guarantee that the same will happen in the future. The fundamental rule is to never overestimate one’s abilities, those of a team or an athlete based on the profits generated in the recent past because such profits modify our perception of reality and the real probability of winning.

We are sure that avoiding these typical mistakes, in addition to avoiding large losses of money, stress and disappointments, you will experience the betting experience with the right philosophy and the right spirit.
Maybe, it will also help you increase your bankroll and consider yourself a more competent and balanced bettor.

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