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Market bets yes no

Marker betting guide: all options

Marker bets offer the opportunity to bet not so much on teams in general, as is the case for most bets, but on the individual player. It aims, in fact, at the opportunity for a specific player to put his mark on the challenge in the best possible way, with one or more goals.

Advantages and disadvantages

Looking at the probabilistic side, this type of bet is not very simple. In the field, 22 footballers start from the beginning. We can exclude goalkeepers who, due to their role, almost never score. There are still 20 players on the move, all of whom can potentially make goals.

So how to choose the marker? Well, the first tip is to look at the statistics and the scorer rankings. If there are not many data available on the subject, it is good to take a look at the roles of the players in the field. In theory, an attacker is more likely to score than a midfielder or a defender.

Therefore, it is always advisable to focus on offensive players. It is clear that the odds for the attackers are lower than for midfielders and defenders. You must be good, as well as lucky, to find the right intuition.

You cannot, for example, disregard the team in which the attacker you want to bet on and, consequently, the opponent who will face his team. These are all important elements that will guide you in the right direction.

How to play betting Markers

Most bookmakers offer the possibility to play bets in different ways. The “First Marker” bet consists in identifying the first player who, between the twenty-two in the field, will score. He must therefore be the player who will unlock the match from the starting result. Then there are bookmakers that allow you to play also in “First Home Team Scorer” and “First Team Team Scorer” mode.

The last scorer is the player who will score the last goal of the match which, in the case of races with only one goal, coincides with the first one.

The marker at any time is the player who, at any time during the game and regardless of the partial result, scores a goal.

Marker bets can also be played in Live mode. In this case, the player will point to the “Next Marker” which could be the first or not. It depends on the result of the game when you make the bet.


When you play a marker we advise you to take information about the formations of the race. Try to focus on players who will have a good chance of starting from the first minute. If possible, try looking at the official formations that are usually announced thirty-forty minutes before the start of a challenge.

This does not shelter you from unpleasant surprises. A player could regularly take the field but be injured after a few minutes or, due to a technical choice, could be replaced during the race and, therefore, not complete the match. These are the variables that you obviously can’t control.

Best marker odds

Here are the bookmakers who offer the best odds for the scorer. Bet365 stands out above all for highly respected quotations for the First Marker category while it does not excel in the Marker category at any time.

William Hill must also be taken into consideration, as he also reports the odds in the panel for an eventual double or triple goal scorer. Certainly a range of interesting options that offers endless possibilities of winning more.

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