May 15, 2011 | In: Articles

Luigi Del Neri admits Juventus need a miracle to qualify for Europa League after Parma loss

Juventus coach Luigi Del Neri was far from pleased with his side’s 1-0 away loss to Parma on Sunday afternoon and added that it will be pretty much impossible for the Turin outfit to qualify for the Europa League.

“Barring a miracle, we’re out of Europe, but it hasn’t been decided in this penultimate match,” Del Neri said on the club’s official website.

“Today, we’ve used very young players such as [Manuel] Giandonato, and preparing for this game hasn’t been easy.”

Del Neri then went on to say that Juventus have no excuses for their poor performance though.

“In all cases, we don’t need excuses, because there aren’t any. We played poorly, lacking in energy to face a very aggressive side. We’re all upset, because we wanted to finish our season differently.

“Unfortunately, our championship was very unique, characterised by several mistakes. Last summer, the club underwent several changes, many new players joined Juventus and difficulties were inevitable. Now, against Napoli, we’ll try to at least finish in the best way possible.”

Juventus are three points behind Roma with one match left in Serie A.

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