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Use the promotional code Suertia “BONUSMAX” and get a bonus of up to 150 €

Use the promotional code Suertia “BONUSMAX” and get a bonus of up to 150 €

When you click on the following button you can register on the operator platform using the promotional code Suertia. You only have to type the word BONUSMAX in the box where you are indicated and you will be able to enjoy all the offers and bonuses that are available at the moment.

What are the advantages of using the Suertia BONUSMAX promotional code?


What are the advantages of using the Suertia BONUSMAX promotional code?
How should you use the Suertia promotional code?
Double welcome bonus for bets
Other bonuses and promotions in force in Suertia
Other offers from Suertia
Suertia on your mobile phone
What are the payment methods accepted to enjoy the promotional code Suertia?
Suertia promotional code: customer service

How should you use the Suertia promotional code?

Suertia is an operator that, through this promotional code, offers you a great variety of advantages and benefits. In order to enjoy each and every one of them, our advice is that you follow the following steps:

1.  Enter the website of the sportsbook using any of the links provided here.
2. Fill out the registration form using truthful information and your real personal data, otherwise you may have problems making withdrawals.
3.  Write BONUSMAX, the promotional code of Suertia currently in force, in the box where you are told.
4.  Voilà! You are ready to start playing by enjoying the bonuses available.
5.  You have to know that, in case you do not want to have the bonuses, you only have to register without using the Suertia promotional code.

You should also consider that, in some cases, there are promotions that remain available to each and every one of the users of the betting platform. If this happens, you can also benefit from them without any limitation and regardless of whether you have entered or not, at the time of registration, the promotional code of Suertia BONUSMAX or not.

Double welcome bonus for bets

This operator gives you the possibility to enjoy, regarding your betting section, a fabulous welcome bonus of up to € 100 divided into two parts of € 75. Thanks to it, you will have the possibility to debug your techniques and even to obtain benefits without risking your own money, although it is true that the latter is subject to several conditions that we will see later.
In any case, in order to enjoy the amount allocated to this bonus linked to the promotional code of Suertia, you must meet the following requirements:

1.  You will be required to deposit at least € 20 into your account.
2. You can only enjoy the first part of the bonus in case you lose the first simple bet you make. In this case, Suertia will refund the amount lost without any conditions up to a maximum of € 75.
3. To enjoy the second part of the bonus must be 10 days from the first deposit without having won a bet. In case this has happened, Suertia will give you 10% of the amount you have lost up to a maximum of € 75.
4.  Keep in mind that, in order to enjoy both bonuses, it is indispensable that they have come into force during the 7 days following your discharge.
5.   Some of these promotions may not be compatible with the Suertia promotional code.

Terms and Conditions

This welcome bonus is subject to the following terms and conditions that you must meet if you want to enjoy it:

1. The welcome bonus can only be enjoyed by new and newly registered users on the page.
2. The maximum amount of money that players can enjoy thanks to the sum of the two parts of the welcome bonus is € 100.
3. The money of this bonus is not compatible and, therefore, can not be used in the sections of Quinielas, Slots and Casino.
4. In the case of the second part of the bond, the maximum time limit for your application is 20 days.

Other bonuses and promotions in force in Suertia

Welcome bonus for the casino of up to 300 Euros

As in the previous case, in order to enjoy the benefits of this welcome bonus, you must make an initial deposit of at least € 20. Once you have done so, Suertia will add 50% of the figure to your player balance. Keep in mind that the maximum is 300 €, an amount that you could only reach if your first deposit is 600 €.
Keep in mind that bonuses are not 100% of all cases. In fact, for this reason, you will not be able to use the entire amount of the bonus in a single game. In particular, you must do it following the following percentages:

1. Live Roulette: 60% of the bet.
2. Blackjack and Flash Roulette: 34% of the bet.
3. Slots and Bingo: 6% of the bet.

Keep in mind that if you were already a user of this bookmaker at the time of launching this promotion associated with the promotional code Suertia but you want to enjoy the welcome bonus, you only have to make a deposit of € 20 .
To release the bonus and redeem it in real money, you have to take into account the following percentages. And is that not all count the same way:

1. Videobingo and Slot: 100% of the amount wagered.
2. Blackjack and Flash Roulette: 15% of the amount wagered.
3. Live Roulette: 20% of the amount wagered.

To consume the entire bonus associated with the promotional code Suertia and convert it into real money you will have a maximum term of 30 days that will begin to count in the moment immediately after the registration or, failing that, to send the email requesting enjoy the promotion.

Welcome bonus for quinielas

Once you register on the website of the operator using the Suertia promotional code you can enjoy an immediate bonus for the betting section. However, you must meet certain requirements and follow the steps that we will detail below:

1. You must make an income of at least € 20 in your account.
2. You have to verify your bonus by clicking on the link of mutual bets.
3. Access the Quinielas section, which appears at the top of the screen, and make a first bet.
4. In particular, the gift that you can enjoy is a bet valued at € 3 totally free.
5. You will have a maximum of 15 days to enjoy this bonus associated with the promotional code of Suertia. After that time, you will lose it and you will not be able to use it.
6. This promotion is linked to the promotional code Suertia and is compatible with other offers within the web.

Other offers from Suertia

We can not forget that in the book of Suertia, there are many other promotions that you can enjoy regardless of whether you have registered on the portal using the Suertia code or not. In particular, these will give you the possibility to take your gaming experience a step further. We are referring, of course, to the following:

Additional offers for sports betting

You must start from the fact that Suertia promotions related to the world of sports betting, which is its main specialty, vary regularly and regularly for the purpose of adapting to each type of event. For example, it is normal for weekends to conform to the characteristics of the league matches being played, while the weekends focus more on competitions such as the Champions League or the Copa del Rey.
This is why, quite frequently, within the operator’s portal it is possible to find offers that expire before the start or conclusion of a particular event and which consist of, for example, that Leo Messi score the first goal of the match played by Argentina or Barcelona or Cristiano Ronaldo score a penalty during the 90 minutes of the match.
The only way you can get more detailed information about it is to enter the Suertia website through the links that we have proposed and review the ones that are available at the moment.

Additional offers for the Casino section

The Suertia Casino section always has what is known as the ‘Boomerang Offer’. This, as in all other cases in this section, is not associated with the promotional code of Suertia or any other promotion. Specifically, what promises is to return, in case you suffer a prolonged bad stretch, 7% of your real money losses so you can recover.
You should note that not all game modes are subject to this Boomerang Offer. In fact, it is only available for Baccarat, Roulette and BlackJack games. If you lose money playing any other you will not be able to obtain the reimbursement previously commented. The maximum amount of money to be reimbursed is € 300 each week.

Additional offers for the Slots section

At this time, the Suertia Slots section is not subject to any special promotion. This may be due to the fact that, in many cases, it is included within the Casino, so you should stay alert in order to appear any that may interest you if you are regular in this type of games.
We must say, arrived at this point, that the section of Suertia Slots is one of the most complete and varied in the market. And is that, although it is a specialized operator in the world of sports betting, takes special care of the slots offered to its customers. Many of them also have really large jackpots.
In this regard, today it is possible to find, for example, such interesting and fun slot machines as Pollen Party, Candy Dreams, Fruit vs Candy, Cool Buck, Secret Romance, Mega Money Multiplier, Forbidden Throne, Bush Telegraph, Kings of Cash, Cashville, Riviera Riches, Mad Hatters, Age of Discovery, Break of Bank Again, Break Away and many more.

Additional offers for the Live Roulette section

The section of Live Roulette, besides being also subject to the promotional code of Suertia, enjoy many other promotions that may interest you to bet your money with a lower risk. In particular, these games are linked to the Boomerang Offer to which we referred earlier.
As you can remember, this offer is renewed every week and, in case of a bad run, allows you to recover 7% of your losses up to a maximum of € 300. In this sense, the only condition imposed to be able to make that return can be converted into real money is to revert it to Live Roulette or any other casino game.
In any case, if you enjoy this offer or any other related to the promotional code of Suertia and Live Roulette, you must know that, at the moment, the operator retransmits, 24 hours a day, what happens in an authentic roulette located in a casino that has Sling Shot and real dealers. By simply running it, users can enjoy the broadcast and place their bets in real time.
As if that were not enough, Suertia says that, at the moment, it is the fastest and most exciting live roulette in Spain. And it is that it produces up to 120 rolls per hour, which supposes an absolutely vertiginous rhythm.

Suertia on your mobile phone

Fortunately, and even recently, Suertia has an application compatible with Android and iPhone operating systems and, in addition to mobile phones, also perfectly matches the characteristics of electronic tablets.
You have to know, in this sense, that it will give you the opportunity to live the sporting events that are played in the most exciting way you can imagine and betting on them in real time. To make matters worse, their use is not linked to the promotional code of Suertia, but can be used to register on the web of the operator.
We must emphasize the fact that, although it lacks development and refinement, in the Suertia app it is possible to enjoy practically the same contents as in the desktop version. In fact, it offers a visual marker, cash bets and up to three live events simultaneously, which is an interesting figure to invest the money obtained through the promotional code Suertia.
This application also allows you to make income and withdraw cash. In fact, it not only focuses on betting, but also allows you to play slots anywhere. In this regard, it should be noted that not all slots are available through it.
In short, it is a program thanks to which you can enjoy even more slots and sports bets from the bar or even on the sofa in your home or in the stadium of your favorite team. And, if you have used the Suertia promotional code, you can even bet for free!

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