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Bets strategy – bonuses, regional matches

Many are the methods that bettors follow with the intention of increasing their bankroll, and we are still waiting to find the final formula. It is clear that the bookmakers start with the advantage offered by the margin they place when putting odds, as an example the odd pair at 1.91 / 1.91 when the fair would be a 2/2. Therefore, the bettor must manage to defeat the bookmaker by another path.

In my particular case I try to focus on the events that I really think I control, and to be able to be these events should not be very popular because the bookmakers have more information than the bettor on this type of events. But in times of few games, the bookmakers offer more regional matches and that’s where the bettor must be attentive and fast, as soon as odds go out to the market there are usually important values.

Of the few opportunities that there are to take advantage of this world consists of making the most of the bonds that sporadically offer the bookmakers and of having a strict control of your bankroll. In my particular case I direct 3% of my bankroll to each event, it can be a somewhat conservative strategy but in the long run it is giving me good results so I will continue with the moment. Nor do I enter bets whose odds do not exceed 1.6 since I do not like that the benefit / risk ratio is so low.

Finally, and only with the intention of having a good time with a rock, we apply the martingale system to the balance we have. We bet more than 2 odds and double the bet until we hit it, in that case we start again with the first amount. We have divided the balance so that we can allow 7 failures, it is clear that in the long term it may seem like a suicide but at the moment things are going well and we have increased our initial deposit by 40%. In case of doubling it, you will have to consider withdrawing the initial deposit.

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