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Set the result of rest in live betting

My strategy to win sports bets, is to pay attention to live bets, from any bookmaker, basketball and handball. What I do is look at the result to rest in both cases.

For the total number of so many that will be marked in the match, normally, the betting houses, give us the option of over / under the amount that takes to the rest multiplied by two. That is to say if in basketball in the first part they have gotten 75 points, the bookmaker will give us the option for the end of the match of over than 150 or under than 150 points. Here comes my strategy then.

When a game of both basketball and handball, is matched, I bet you will score less than the option of so many finals that gives us the bookmaker, (remember, usually double those scored at the break), because in a match matched , the teams begin to stretch the possessions and lengthen the plays, and there are usually fewer points. When the game is unbalanced at rest, although I use it less than the previous option, I usually bet on the option, more than the points offered by the bookmaker.

The team that loses attacks quickly, neglects the defense a lot because they give the game for lost … although I already tell you that I like to bet more when the game is equal.

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