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American football betting

American football originated more than a century ago in the United States, where it reaches its greatest popularity today. At an international level it is not a very widespread sport.

The NFL or National Football League, is the name given to the American professional league of this sport. This popular league is made up of 32 teams that face each other. The two best teams in the league meet in the Super Bowl, which is how the final match of this competition is known in which the champion is decided.

This sport requires a great physical training, since the players will need skills such as agility, strength, endurance and speed. In addition, given that it is a sport with strong contacts, every player must be provided with a safety equipment consisting of a helmet, shoulder pads, and knee pads.

The game is composed of 11 offensive players against 11 defensive players, all of them in a 100-yard field divided into 10-yard blocks. At each end of the field is the touchdown zone of each team and the goal of the offensive team is to travel 100 yards with the ball (characteristic for being oval) to score a touchdown. For this, they enjoy a maximum of four opportunities that they recover each time they advance a fraction of 10 yards. If the opportunities are exhausted without having reached a new 10-yard strip, the offensive team has the option of kicking the ball to get as far as possible from their touchdown zone, after this, the defending team becomes the offensive and vice versa.

Offensives try to reach the touchdown zone by carrying the ball and blocking the defenders from attempting to cut off the advance, either intercepting the attacking players or intercepting an air pass they make. If it is not possible to score a touchdown, the attackers may choose to achieve a field goal. This consists of kicking the ball from the field, making it pass between the posts that define the goalpost, located in the touchdown zone. This is worth 3 points.

If the team achieves a Touchdown, they will be awarded 6 points, and they will have the option of achieving an extra point, which can be scored by kick (with a point value), or by play (with a value of two points). By kick it consists in kicking the ovoid making it enter by the goalpost, thus achieving an extra point that will give a total of seven. For a conversion of two points it will be necessary to re-enter the scoring zone as if it were a normal touchdown, but this time achieving only 2 points.

The game time is divided into four periods of 15 minutes each, although the clock is stopped while the game is stopped, so the matches last around 3 hours.

The bookmakers have a great offer in relation to American football bets.

We can make long-term bets, such as the winner of the superbowl or winners of each conference or division. This gives us the possibility to opt for large installments if we do not mind having our money stopped for so long. Throughout the season you can continue betting on these options, although the odds will change according to the course of it.

In NFL there is no tie, so the most frequent bets are those of the winner of a match. Being a sport where anyone can win, the odds are usually quite even, except in specific cases of very strong teams, this allows you to get great benefits if you devote sufficient study.

Another option in which we can invest our money is bets with handicaps or spread. These consist of betting on the favorite team with a disadvantage of a few points or the non-favorite with an advantage of those points. This provides greater equality in odds, making us bet on the favorite for higher odds if we have a lot of faith that he will easily win the match, or bet on a lower odds for the non-favorite if we think he will surprise or stay to the doors of it (what with the additional points would give us the bet for gained).

We can also bet on the amount of points that will be in a match. In each confrontation the analyst fixes a line of points in which he estimates that the final result of the encounter will be around. From there, we can bet if there will be more points than indicated or less.

From here the diversity of bets depends a lot on the bookmaker in which we are.

Being the online bookmaker that moves the most money, Betfair includes one of the widest ranges in this sport, being able to bet on the result at the break of the game, the number of total points of a specific team, or even the amount of yards that a specific player will travel.

Being a sport of average popularity, it does not move much money in its live market. Even so, we also have this option where the diversity of bets increases even more in Bwin, although this bookmaker does not offer too many live football events. In these cases, we can even bet on the result of each ball driving, deciding whether to score a field goal, a touchdown or another result.

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