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Subscription offers to online betting sites

The famous bonuses are gifts that bookmakers offer to attract new users and, at the same time, satisfy loyal customers who are already registered. It must be made clear from the outset that there are different types of bonuses and that each operator has his own proposal. Furthermore, both bonuses and promotions can meet their respective terms and conditions, which will be discussed below.


You need to take enough time to read the rules that the betting sites they impose on each promotion is as important as the analysis of the most competitive odds, study the details of an event or choose the house that best suits your profile carefully.

On this issue, companies include clauses such as the number of days of validity or minimum quotas (2.00 or higher, for example), the minimum and maximum allowable money to register, the requirements to collect winnings and others. A good parameter to understand if the bonus is really profitable is to analyze the amount of bets required by the operator to execute before being able to withdraw any winnings obtained thanks to the promotion.


All bookmakers have their welcome offers to bet on the Internet. The most common and known form is the bonus that grants the operator when a user signs up or when he makes your first deposit. There are promotions valid for 50%, 100%, and sometimes even higher.

On the other hand, there are also Freebets. This is a temporary sum of money that the bookmaker gives to the user, but which does not appear in the account balance. This money can be used to bet and the profits obtained will be credited later to the account. The Freebet methodology varies depending on the bookmaker and the promotion. Sometimes they can be related to a specific event and require the player to be betting on that event. It may also happen that they are not directly uploaded, but credited in relation to a previous deposit. Example: a free bet of 20 euros after crediting 20 euros deposit.


This alternative is undoubtedly one of the most interesting for those looking to start the adventure in sports betting. The increased odds are alterations of the original odds in order to attract potential users. So, if Juventus’s win against Milan is quoted at 1.27, the odds are set up at 4.00 or 5.00, for example.

Of course these great opportunities are not always granted. As usually happens in the game world, we need to study, arm ourselves with patience and curiosity. In these cases, investigate the event itself and inquire as to the maximum bet, which is usually 10 euros, to determine if there is a profitable move. Betfair is one of the bookmakers that stands out in terms of increased odds.


Since the release of the bonus requires several tied bets to a fixed minimum of a certain amount of money, at the time of registration and initial deposit, a good way to go to cover possible losses is to open two or three accounts simultaneously. Assuming that you face Juventus and Napoli, this will allow you to place a bet on the victory of a team on one site and the other team on the other site. Naturally it is necessary to take into account the balance of the two accounts, regardless of the final result.

In the case of novice bettors, the main advice is simple, but certainly not less important and this money should be handled with extreme caution, as if it were granted without bonuses. Similarly, it is essential to bet with the highest odds and on known sports.

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